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Laser Therapy

Witness the Results of Hair Regrowth.

Seeing is Believing.

Hair loss in men is often seen as inevitable, but it doesn't have to be. Our laser hair regrowth before and after images provide a glimpse into the potential of our laser cap technology.

Day in, day out, men across the globe are achieving fuller, thicker hair with Capillus.

What to Expect

1-2 Months

Shedding may temporarily increase as feeble hairs begin to make room for the new and stronger hair to grow.

3-4 Months

You may begin to see a decrease in shedding while new hairs start to grow.

5-6 Months

Shedding should have slowed down, and you should begin to see minor visible results.

6+ Months

At this point, shedding may have stopped, and now your hair follicles should be growing new hair. Do not stop here, keep going and growing!

See the Difference in Women.

Women often bear the brunt of hair loss, with societal expectations and norms placing a high premium on lush, full hair.

As a result, many feel inadequate and experience a loss of confidence.

Just as others have done, embark on your journey to regained confidence and renewed self-esteem. Our results speak for themselves, showcasing visible improvements in hair density and overall hair health.

The Bottom Line.

Does Laser Therapy Work?

Short answer? Definitely.

People are often skeptical about the efficacy of using a laser hair therapy cap. However, these caps are worth considering thanks to their effective nature. 

An experimental study has shown that using a red light cap for hair loss makes a significant difference, with patients showing improvements in terms of both hair density and hair thickness.

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