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Save $1,123.00Capillus MD
Capillus MDPhysician-Grade Solution
320 Laser Diodes
Sale price$4,484.00 AUD Regular price$5,607.00 AUD
Save $895.00Capillus Rx
Capillus RxPhysician-Grade Solution
312 Laser Diodes
Sale price$4,598.00 AUD Regular price$5,493.00 AUD
Save $1,008.00Capillus PRO S1
Capillus PRO S1Achieve Clinically Proven Results
304 Laser Diodes
Sale price$3,701.00 AUD Regular price$4,709.00 AUD
Save $672.00Capillus PLUS S1
Capillus PLUS S1Reinvigorate Your Hair and Scalp
214 Laser Diodes
Sale price$2,467.00 AUD Regular price$3,139.00 AUD
Save $448.00Capillus ONE S
Capillus ONE SMaintain Your Youthful Appearance
128 Laser Diodes
Sale price$1,233.00 AUD Regular price$1,681.00 AUD
Save $783.00Capillus PRO
Capillus PROAchieve Clinically Proven Results
272 Laser Diodes
Sale price$2,916.00 AUD Regular price$3,699.00 AUD
Save $559.00Capillus PLUS
Capillus PLUSReinvigorate Your Hair and Scalp
202 Laser Diodes
Sale price$1,907.00 AUD Regular price$2,466.00 AUD
Save $392.00Capillus ONE
Capillus ONEMaintain Your Youthful Appearance
112 Laser Diodes
Sale price$1,065.00 AUD Regular price$1,457.00 AUD